With the current season of Attack on Titan wowing audiences, we decided to look back at some of the amazing cosplayers we have encountered.

From FanimeCon to Anime Expo and Crunchyroll Expo, there has been some outstanding Attack on Titan cosplayers. Many work to become their favorite characters like Eren or Mikasa. Others try to be creative and cosplay as the Female Titan (aka Annie Leonhart). This is a look back at some of the amazing and creative cosplays based on the iconic anime series.

  • Attack on Titan AOD 2017 8Bit/Digi

Please note that every Attack on Titan cosplayer featured are those we meet at a convention. All photos featured are taken by the 8Bit/Digi team. If there is an awesome photo that you know about and is missing, well we didn’t take the photo

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