The Staff

The staff at 8Bit/Digi is made up of one full time editor and three volunteer contributors all living in the Bay Area.

Stan Rezaee is the founder and Editor of 8Bit/Digi. He is gamer from the Bay Area who has over five years of experience as journalist. His work has been quoted in several publications including The Week and Kotaku.

Jimmy Bernstein is a volunteer writer for 8Bit/Digi who mostly focuses on movies along mobile games. He likes to describe himself as a dork who enjoys video games and comics.

Sarah Watson is a volunteer writer for 8Bit/Digi. She is a student at SF State studying graphic design and has a minor background as a journalist.

Note: We are always looking for new volunteers.


If you have any questions or notice an error in an article and would like us to correct it then contact us:

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