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The Obvious Hate and Double Standards Regarding PewDiePie

It was announced that Felix Kjellberg, better known by his nom de guerre of PewDiePie, has signed a deal to make YouTube the exclusive platform for his live-streams. A deal that makes sense for both parties given their shared interest and history. PewDiePie has the largest subscribers of any individual person on YouTube (it’s his home after all). Thus it’s in YouTube best interest to keep him on their platform and not take his 100 million subscribers to a competitor.

Yet that was not how most media outlets and commentators reported on the deal. Besides listing the facts, it became just another excuse to bash PewDiePie. It seems no matter what he does, every article about him has to dedicate a majority of the story to a few trivial controversies. The YouTube deal is no exception when it comes to their hate for PewDiePie. Most articles (like this or this) I stubble upon had a paragraph or two dedicated to the announcement while the majority was hyper focused on his past controversies. Some have even gone out of their way to brand him a white supremacists hero.

Two Sides of a Legacy

Let’s be clear about one thing, Kjellberg is no saint nor is he infallible. He has made mistakes and regrettable comments in the past. What he said and did were not acceptable and can’t be defended. Most infamous was when he once uttered the n-word during a stream and another time when he posted a few distasteful videos. These actions didn’t go unnoticed and it has cost him opportunities. He has never tried to excuse or justify his mistakes, he has owned up to it and apologized. It was a one time incident and he has learned his lesson while his fans have forgiven him.

But there is another side to his legacy that his critics always ignore.

For many indie developers, PewDiePie has been able to boost sales of their work. Any time he live streams their game, they have seen a boost in sales. Many indie studios don’t have a marketing budget and have to do the best with what they got. So when PewDiePie streams their work, it’s the marketing moment they need. Just for streaming for a few hours, he has given indie developers the attention they have worked hard to earn.

Outside the world of gaming, Kjellberg is known for his humanitarian work. He is well known for his charitable work and has partnered with numerous NGO’s. As of January 2020, he has raised $630,000 for Save the Children, $1.3 million for (RED) and $30,000 for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) just to name a few examples. Even during his competition with T-Series, he turned it into an opportunity to raise funds for Children Rights and You (CRY).

The Double Standards in Morality

Yet many of his critics act like Kjellberg is a Grand Wizard of the KKK who murders puppies for giggles. No matter what he does, it always becomes an excuse to bash on him. Even an article covering his wedding became an excuse to depict him as a white supremacist.

At first glance, this hate for PewDiePie seems to come from a moral high ground. Yes, saying racial slurs in the open public has been shunned by polite society. However, if you read other articles from the same news outlets about other commentators and streamers, you notice a double standard. The same media outlets that bash Kjellberg for any reason also seem to go above and beyond to defend those who have a toxic history. These are individuals who have a history of that includes sexual assault and animal abuse.

Take for example this article about Logan Paul selling his couch and notice the absence of his past controversies. Among those controversies are his infamous video in the Aokigahara Forest of Japan, when he used a racial slur during a Twitch Stream, or the “Taser Video” (you could learn more from this Watch Mojo video). The same could be said about this article about Jake Paul marriage with his past controversies also omitted. Controversies such as when Hannah Forcier claimed she was sexually harassed at his mansion or his “The Financial Freedom Movement” (which has been dubbed questionable) and the numerous times he has used racial slurs.

Finally lets look at the crowning achievement in this double standards, when Buzzfeed defended animal abuse and bashed PewDiePie. Let’s go back to when Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon was accused of abusing her cat during a Twitch stream. While many were calling for the platform to remove her, this article portrayed the backlash as as “anti-gamer girl” movement and shoehorned in a section dedicated to attacking PewDiePie.

A Toxic Outlook

Now I’m no sociologist but I’m 100% sure that a pattern of harmful and toxic behavior makes saying a racial slur one time five years ago look very trivial.

Obviously there is a double standard when it comes to depicting PewDiePie. This unhealthy hatred only harms the credibility and integrity of the media outlet. When an article is clear that it has a hate for an individual (for petty reasons) I have to question their integrity or ethical practices. Everyone has an opinion or bias, but it belongs in an OpEd and not a news story.

This is not to say the media should ignore his bad behavior (far from it). The media have an obligation to hold him accountable and other public figures accountable. Consistently shoehorning in several paragraphs of controversy that happen five years ago (when it’s not relevant) is a petty vendetta. Also undermining the media outlets credibility is when they give a pass to those who have done worse.

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  1. I know your under lock down in the Bay Area and your bord but did you really need to go out of your way to simp for PewDiePie? Not hating on him or bashing him as you say but but his videos are so childish and dub. How could anyone over 20 actually like it?

  2. The hate for PewDiePie is obvious he is a gamer and most urnalists who work at Buzzfeed or Craptuko are SJW soy boi or jizz rags who hate gamers. They love the Paul brothers because they are frat boys they want to blow. Buzzfeed simps Alinity because she is a chick so feminsim. Plus didn’t they try to defend James Chrales for saying the n-word guess being a cock sucker gives you a free pass.

  3. PewDiePie has a long history of flirting with white supremecy and its not just because he said the n-word one time! He has endorsed alt-right and anti-semite youtubers and has made many racist videos. Also saying the n-word once is not a trvial thing. But I guess a privlaged gamer like you won’t understand.

  4. You just hate Logan Paul because your a fat loser virgin with no life and he is rich and famous and gets laid 24/7

  5. Lol, LaToya only thinks he has a long history of flirting with white supremecy, JUST because he only reads thoese type of articles that only attack pewdiepie. I wasnt sure about he was some type of white supremecy or no, but sound very wierd when people started attacking him and he was still the best youtuber; so i searched and found both sides of the coin, and yeah, he is a victim of some pathetic loosers of the media, who cant stand a one person such as him, envy all what he means, and the “Endorsed alt-right and anti-semite youtubers” is pure stupidity, one of his best friends is semite (Ethan e Hila Klein), and when he shout out like 30 youtubers, 1 had some alt-right content in OTHER videos, it was naive for pewdiepie to shout out so many people, but lets be real, you CANT go to every single video of 30 youtubers too see if one have a ugly past, unless you have a team of researchers, wich he doesnt, because he is a SINGLE PERSON trying to be funny. The cancel pewdiepie its such a cancer.

  6. It’s obvious why so many SJW’s hate PewDiePie, they are jealous of his success. He build his own brand by working hard and beating the odds. SJW only get ahead by hand outs like affirmative action or rich parents. They also hate that he focuses on games and not SJW shit.

  7. I don’t get why so many people hate PewDiePie? His videos are not for everyone but it seems like some people are obsessed with hating him.

  8. Did not realize Buzzfeed hates PewDiePie so much that they would defend an animal abuser and call Ricky Gervin a gamer gate misogynist. But I guess if you have tits you get a free pass to abuse animals because feminism.

  9. Just like those with DTS, reminding everyone of PewDiePie past underines your credblity as it shows your hate and bias.

  10. Gotta love how PewDiePie can own the libtard media just by existing and doing good things with his money while all they do is buy fancy wine and smell there own farts.

  11. The hate that failied news sites like Buzzfeed and Kotaku have for PewDiePie is obviously jealousy. PewDiePie worked hard and gave his blood and sweet to become top dog. Most people who work at Buzzfeed or Kotaku never had to work hard as they are rich kids who got everything handed to them in life and are envious that someone did better then them without silver handouts. So they will find any excuse to make him look bad to compensate for their own failuer or medicore life.

    Also most of these failied writers say they are prpgressive but they look like the kind who will move into a lantio or African American neighborhood, gentrafi the shit out of it then call the cops on a local because they look suspcious.

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