For gamers who attended high school during the late 90’s/ early 2000’s; Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD is a chance to remember the days when the Birdman was your hero, Blink-182 rocked, and most your shopping was done at Zumiez.

Gaming has changed since those days and unfortunately the graphics of the PlayStation have not survived the test of time. Thankfully gamers could relive those moments by downloading Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD via PlayStation Network.

PlayStation gamers may had to wait an extra month while Xbox gamers got to return to their youth, but it was worth it as the PS3 version is the superior game.

Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD is an updated rendition of the original Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater and Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater 2 fused into one game. The result is a combination of the two best skateboarding games into one updated title.

Players get to grind on their favorite map as one of several iconic skater while purchasing parts and customize their own skateboard based on their style. The control set up is almost unchanged but it has been polished to be more responsive. Also returning is most of the original soundtrack that featured artists like Public Enemy, Anthrax, and Bad Religion.

However not everything is perfect with Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD and these are not issues that can be easily overlooked. The biggest issue is the absence of content that were available in the original games. There are levels that are missing along with the absence of gameplay features and hidden secrets. Most notably is the absence of Spiderman as an unlockable character.

Because of the absence of these memorable features, it makes Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD feel less like an enhanced version of a classic and more like an more of an abridged version of two games.

This drawback should not deter anyone from downloading Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD and then kicking it old school.

You may be too old to rock out at the Vans Warped Tour but you’re old enough to appreciate Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD on PSN. It has problems but its still the same game you played back in the day.

Final Score: 8/10

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