Ethics Policy

Reviews: 8Bit/Digi values the trust you have in our expert opinion and the facts we present. That is why we will always disclose if a game, accessory or passes for an event was provided. We will even disclose if we had to purchase the game, accessory or passes to alleviate any doubt you may have.

Cosplay Photos: We will always seek the permission of a cosplayer before taking their photo. If they change their mind and wish for their photo to be removed from our website along with social media accounts, we will honor and respect the request.

It is also our policy that the owner of the cosplay photos is 8Bit/Digi and the cosplayer who is the subject of the photo. 8Bit/Digi will only use any photos taken for articles or advertising to promote our publication only. We will not and are not offering any of the photos for sale.

The subject of the photo is free to do what ever they want with the photo. They are also owners of the photo that they appear in and can do with the photo what ever they please.

Correction Policy

We will make mistakes at times and we will own up to it. If you spot a mistake in our reporting, please let us know. We will make the correction and admit the mistake was made. If you spot a mistake, please email us or comment on it on the article or any of our social media pages.

8Bit/Digi is an independent media outlet that provides an insight into the video game community and industry of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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