Back in February, we had a little fun with the “Bernie or Hillary” memes, were we decided to unleash our imagination to explore were each candidate stands on an important issue. Now we decided to see what are Donald Trump’s thought on many important gaming issues.


Note: This is not an endorsement of a candidate, party or ideology. We just have a sense of humor and like to stay informed of current issues.


  1. When Donald Trump becomes president he will make all those losers who make Freemuim games make real video games and they will have to pay for it. Also he will make video games great agin by making Konami fund Kojimas new game then returning the Metal Gear series to him cause he will make it Great Again!

  2. I’m all for having a sense of humor during this election but Donald Trump is not a joke and for scary reasons too. If he becomes president it will be a disaster for the United States and the world because of his fascist ideology and stupidity. For spoiled white guys it may not mean much but for women, minorities, LGBT and immigrants we are fighting to preserve our freedom.

  3. Could we please keep politics out, I come here for insight into video games and debate fellow gamers. Honestly I don’t want to listen to a bunch of Little Eichmann’s getting all butt hurt over a joke or preaching how President Trump will make America Great Again.

  4. I really don’t want to know what that fascist pig has to say about video games. Every time he speaks, my brain explodes at the sheer stupidity of what he says and all the fan boys who worship him like a god.

    • It must be your time of the month or your some libatard who will vote for Crooked Hilary? Trump will make America great again and free us from Obama tyranny.

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