Sponsored Content Policy

Are you a publisher or PR firm trying to promote either a new title or gaming accessory through an Op-Ed or Top 10 list? If so we are more then happy to publish your content on our website for a minor fee.

We just have a few guidelines

– All content must be video game or pop-culture related.
– We do not and will not promote media piracy or illegal activities.
– There will be background checks, we don’t want to work with sketchy people.
– No plagiarism.
– All Sponsored Content will be marked as to not fool or deceive our readers.
– Sponsored Content will be published 24 hours after payment.
– Sponsored Content will not be taken down unless it violates our policy.

Note: Any representative who dose not have a LinkedIn profileĀ or any agency that fails to include their website in the email will be treated like spam and blocked.

If you wish to publish sponsored content, please contact us below:

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